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Welcome to my Blog!

    I've been planning to start writing for a while now and the main motivation for that is to share tips, tricks and recipes to help you achieve the health you want through nutrition.

    I never recognized the value in good nutrition and a balanced diet until I was forced to make changes myself. In my early 20's, I felt healthy enough while late nights and drive-thru's were a regular occurence. It's hard to deny the convenience late night drive-thru's provide, not to mention cheap food with lots of flavor. After obtaining results with significantly high cholesterol levels, my doctor seriously urged me to change my diet and eating habits. Especially having worked in a medical setting, it dawned on me that my actions and lifestyle habits had a direct result on my health! I'd seen it before in older and heavier persons, and I never realized the negative impact my actions and habits were having on my health. So, I decided to make changes. 

    I …